Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Team Eastern Mountain Sports

An adventure racing team of athletes who proudly call New England their home.

Formed in 2004, Team Eastern Mountain Sports is consistently one of the highest ranked adventure racing team in the United States.

Career Highlights:

2006 USARA National Champions

2007-2009, Three time USARA National Masters Champions

2008 USARA National Point Series Champions

2007 North American Rogaine Champions

2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008- Four time New England Adventure Race Series Champions

2010 Results

Currently #1 Ranked Team in CheckPoint Tracket National Series
Currently Ranked #2 Team in USARA National Point Series

2nd, Mandatory Gear Adventure Race, South Carolina
1st Place, E-Fix 50 Hour Race, West Virginia
2nd Place, Equinox Traverse 48 Hour Race, Virginia

Upcoming Races
July, Infittera 24 Hour RAGE, Michigan
August, Untamed New England 3-Day race
October, USARA 24 National Championships, Pennsylvania

2009 Results

1st Place, LBL 24-Hour Adventure Race, Kentucky
1st Place, The Longest Day and Night 27-Hour Adventure Race, New York
1st Place, Cradle of Liberty 28-Hour Adventure Race, Pennsylvania
1st Place, LionHeart 26-Hour Adventure Race, Pennsylvania
1st Place, Racing Ahead 12-Hour Adventure Race, New Hampshire

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2008 Results

Swamp Stomp, Florida (30 hour adventure race) 2nd Place

GMARA's Frigid Infliction, Bolton Valley, 1st Place

CheckPointZero Adventure Race, Georgia, (30 hour race) 1st Place

Baja Travesia, Mexico, 5 day International Expedition Race, 1st Place All Women’s Team, 7th overall

Planet Adventure Race, Indiana, 1st Place

Genesis Sprint Series I, NJ (3-4 hour), 1st Place

Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon, 1st Place Team & 1st place Solo (Chad Denning)

Racing Ahead, Maine (6 Hour adventure race) , 1st Place
Genesis Sprint Series II, NY (3-4 hour), 1st Place

Longest Day, NY (14 hour race), 1st Place

Wild, Wonderful Adventure Race (24 hour), 3rd Place

Racing Ahead, Conquer Concord race (12 hour adventure race), 1st Place
Genesis Sprint III, NJ (3-4 hour), 1st Place

Cradle of Liberty, PA (24 hour), 1st Place

Racing Ahead, Vermont, 24 Hour adventure race, 1st Place

GMARA's Bitter Pill, Vermont, 12 Hour adventure, 1st Place

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

US National Champions!

Team Eastern Mountain Sports
crosses the finish line first to win the
2006 United States Adventure Racing National Championships!

Crossing the finish line (L to R) Dave Lamb, Jennifer Shultis, Eric Bowker, John Hartley, Chad Denning, Frida Rosenberg

The course started on the Pacific shoreline just south of beautiful Santa Barbara, California before taking racers up and through 100 beautiful, treacherous and pain-inducing miles of the Santa Ynez Mountains and Los Padres National Forest.

Team Eastern Mountain Sports was there with two strong teams composed of Eric Bowker, Chad Denning, John Hartley, Dave Lamb, Frida Rosenberg and Jennifer Shultis. After a strong and successful season together, both teams decided they would rather race together than apart. This decision proved to be a winning one as 24 hours and 31 minutes after the gun went off, both teams crossed the finish line arm-in-arm, to share first place honors having bested 48 of the top teams from 21 states around the country. To get any team over the line in first place is an accomplishment--to get two teams over together in first place is an amazing feat beyond compare. Team Captain, Jennifer Shultis said, "We won this together and because of each other. We share equally in this victory. It is near impossible to describe just how strong and tight this team has become over the past year--everyone is like family-- and to share in this together gives me incredible joy and tremendous satisfaction. To bring back a win from the West Coast for the adventure racing community here on the East Coast is an incredible privilege and accomplishment."

For splits and finish times, please visit the USARA Nationals website at http://www.usaranationals.com/